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Important things to remember after your PRP injection:

  • Apply heat for 20 minutes four times a day. Continue for one week. Avoid ice.

  • Injection site pain can be treated with Acetaminophen or prescription pain medications.

  • Avoid strenuous or repetitive physical activity for one week.

  • Avoid all NSAID type medications for at least 2 weeks post injection, the longer the better. This includes aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, celecoxib, meloxicam, etc.

What to expect after your PRP injection:

  • Most patients will notice improvement by 6 weeks after the injection.

  • Many patients get worse before symptoms improve. This is because an inflammatory response is stimulating the healing cascade.

  • A very small percentage of patients will have a heightened inflammatory reaction after getting a PRP injection. This is a normal process and is due to your body responding to the release of growth factors. This usually resolves on its own after a few days.

  • Fevers, significant redness, purulent drainage, or persistent swelling or pain at the site of the injection are NOT normal. Let your physician know immediately as these could be signs of an infection.

Rehabilitation is just as important as the PRP injection. The following is a guide for progression. There are many factors such as age and comorbidities that predict how quickly a person will heal and how fast they will progress.

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